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  • Why Join NARI

  • How do we improve our businesses, achieve our goals, and work towards a successful 2020?  It starts with your involvement in NARI Charlotte and the value it brings to you and your business.  

    Benefits of NARI Membership:


    BUILDING BUSINESS      Through personal and professional relationships, NARI members have seen measurable increases in business by being a part of NARI of Greater Charlotte.  Successful businesses surround themselves with successful people.  Build a powerful network of "contacts of influence" in your industry and adjacent industries.

    Attend Meetings - NARI holds monthly networking meetings on the last Thursday of each month that are open to all NARI Members/Employees and Guests. Jeff Griffin of Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement will speak to our group in February on relevant Code Enforcement Updates for 2020; Doug King of NARI National will attend our monthly meeting in March; In April, David Lupberger will speak to "How to Identify and Qualify Your Best Customers" (you don't want to miss this). This is the best way to meet and greet while enjoying food and beverage hosted by NARI Members, typically at their showrooms. Need help getting connected? Just ask how we can help you make the connections you need in NARI. See the Calendar for dates and to register.


    EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE among experienced professionals. NARI of Greater Charlotte members regularly seek advice and counsel from other members on issues facing their businesses. NARI Members operate as peers, not adversaries and see the value in lifting up members and their businesses. 

    Contractors Roundtable Coming in 2020! Duane Johns, Alair Homes, will host a quarterly Contractors Roundtable where GC's can get connected and learn best practices. Open to NARI Member Contractors. Stay tuned for more information...

    Pre-Meeting Seminars - Prior to the monthly NARI meetings, members will frequently host seminars on relevant business topics to our industry. In 2020, Skufca Law kicks off the January meeting with a seminar "How to Reduce Risk and Maximize Profit".  Summit Insurance and Winrate Consulting will also have seminars in 2020 - dates TBD. These are free to NARI Members and their guests. See the Calendar for upcoming dates and stay tuned for additional dates...

    Level 5 Leadership Forum - Quarterly forums are held with a small group of NARI members to discuss relevant business topics or local issues. These meetings typically center around a book read but the topics are varied and the conversations are in-depth. All NARI Members are welcome to attend (free). 


    RECOGNITION/VALIDATION     As a contractor, being able to compete locally and nationally in the Contractor of the Year awards is a true measure of how your work compares to other accomplished industry leaders. Subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and employees can gain similar recognition as team members providing value to these awarded projects. 

    Contractor of the Year Awards - Check out past winners of the COTY Awards! COTY Award winners go on to receive Regional and National recognition and advertise this regularly on their websites and social media networks. The Evening of Excellence to present the winners each year is a wonderful way to network with Charlotte's top General Contractors! Stay tuned for 2020 dates, deadlines and sponsorship opportunities.


    COMMUNITY  NARI of Greater Charlotte supports our local community year-round! We provide networking opportunities through great events and donate portions of the proceeds for local causes. 

    Pins 4 Kids - The goal for 2020 is $100,000 for our annual bowling event! This event sells out and is a great way to network with other NARI Members for a good cause. Proceeds benefit Dream on 3. Check out the Pins 4 Kids page for details. 

    Golf Tournament - Our annual Golf Tournament benefits NARI Members through scholarships in partnership with the Jim Harkey Memorial Fund. The 2020 Tournament will be held on June 11th at Olde Sycamore Golf Club. Click here for details.

    Charlotte Rescue Mission - On the 5th Tuesday of given months, a small group of NARI Members provides and serves food at the Men's Shelter. This is a great way to meet other NARI Members, in a smaller setting, while serving the community. Click here for dates and to register. 


    ETHICS     NARI is the trusted source in remodeling.  Educated consumers see the value of the NARI logo. All members must abide by the NARI Code of Ethics.


    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS     Our strong relationship with NARI National will continue to provide our members the opportunity and resources to stay ahead of the curve in the remodeling industry. NARI National offers six certifications to members. NARI Members that hold these certifications have educated themselves specifically in their certification.

    ADVOCACY     NARI lobbyists provide our membership and industry a "seat at the table" and "voice" when it comes to legislation that affects our livelihood and future.


    BRANDING     In addition to attaching our brand to good works in the community, NARI Charlotte has numerous local media partners that continue to advance and promote the NARI Charlotte brand and the businesses that are associated with it. Additionally, a national consumer awareness campaign is under way to strengthen the NARI brand.


    We're doing things right, as proven by winning FOUR of the last Five NARI National Chapter of Excellence Awards at the annual National Spring Business Meeting.



    From an architect: During these first eight months of our membership, we have made new connections to provide our services as well as hiring several NARI members for our own home and business. Even in the turbulent times of 2020, we have found that our investment of time and money into NARI has given us a fantastic return. It would be fair to say that without the new connections I have made in the past 16 months with NARI, our business would be on an entirely different track, and not nearly as successful

    From a contractor/remodeler:  "The ability to hang out and talk business shop, successes and struggles, with other business leaders, is the most rewarding education possible.  I attribute a tremendous amount of my business successes to this fact."

    From a sub-contractor:  "Through the relationships we have generated from our membership in NARI and various professional speakers, we have gained a wealth of industry knowledge. We also know that when we are asked to complete a project with a NARI professional, we are dealing with a first class organization that will perform a first class project. NARI has been instrumental in our organization's growth since the inception of our membership."

    From a supplier:  "NARI has offered me personal and professional growth, from the relationships to the opportunities to work with a group on a common mission to improve the remodeling industry. The relationships formed have also generated additional business opportunities for my company."


    Ready to Join? 

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