• An Evening of Excellence - NARI, CotY (Contractor of the Year)

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    An Evening of Excellence on November 11th, 2023 celebrating the NARI, CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards at the prestigious Founders Hall Charlotte was a dazzling affair that transcended the ordinary, immersing attendees in a world of opulence, exquisite cuisine, and the celebration of extraordinary talent within the remodeling community. The event, held beneath the stunning atrium ceiling of the venue, proved to be a sensory delight from the moment guests stepped inside.

    As attendees entered the venue, they were greeted by the enchanting sight of the atrium ceiling, bathed in soft, golden, ethereal light. The sheer architectural brilliance of the space with accents of blues and greens created an atmosphere of sophistication and grandeur, setting the stage for an evening that promised nothing short of excellence.

    The aroma of delectable dishes wafted through the air, enticing guests towards a culinary journey that would prove to be as exceptional as the honorees themselves. The catering, a seamless fusion of flavors and presentation, showcased the culinary prowess befitting an event of this caliber. From delicate hors d'oeuvres like brie tartlets to the sumptuous main courses, prime rib and parmesan-herb crusted chicken, each bite was a testament to the commitment to perfection that echoed throughout the evening.

    The music was celebratory throughout the evening.  Guests were seen lip syncing and bopping to the beats as they celebrated with their friends and co-workers.  The mood was electric as the music flowed just like the wine!

    The awards, the focal point of the night, were hosted by Brad Little, president of NARI of Greater Charlotte (Owner of ReVision Design/Remodeling) and presented by celebrity emcee, Bo Thompson, radio host for WBT Charlotte, with a meticulous attention to detail that mirrored the craftsmanship celebrated. Remodeling contractors were honored for their achievements in categories that spanned interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial remodels.  Their work was judged based on the high-level of aesthetics, integrity, skill, ingenuity, and craftsmanship that is the hallmark of NARI remodelers.

    The joy and camaraderie among the guests were palpable, as smiles and laughter echoed in every corner of the venue. The sense of accomplishment and recognition radiated from the awardees, creating an atmosphere charged with positivity and inspiration. The room buzzed with conversations between industry leaders, creating an invaluable network of professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence in remodeling.

    Throughout the evening, the excitement of the celebration heightened as each award was presented, with applause and cheers punctuating the air.   Not only were there twenty-eight awards for the remodelers, but recognition was given to their team members and subcontractors, without whom their jobs would be impossible.  In addition, the philanthropic partners of NARI, like Ray Terry’s Put Tools in Schools, Safe Alliance, and Dream on 3 were all recognized for their work with NARI over the past year, making a difference in the Charlotte area for those who need it.  Awards were also given to those who stepped up in their field as leaders, like Stephanie Calderon, receiving Designer of the Year for her work with the Safe Alliance Makeover Project and to those who have made a concerted effort volunteering for NARI with the Chapter Awards, like Troy Dechert of Andrew Roby, who won the Klemons Award for Faith, Family, and Community.  And the night would not have been complete without recognizing the voice of the people.  Six categories were awarded as People’s Choice projects that were voted as winners by the public.  The collective pride in the accomplishments of the remodeling community was contagious, creating an uplifting energy that permeated every moment.

    "An Evening of Excellence" indeed lived up to its name, delivering an unforgettable experience that celebrated not only the skill and innovation of remodeling contractors but also the spirit of collaboration and community within the industry. It was a night where the beauty of the venue, the celebratory music, the delectable food, and the outstanding individuals honored came together to create a symphony of excellence, leaving a lasting impression on all fortunate enough to be part of this extraordinary event.
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