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  • NARI Pins 4 Kids

    Pins 4 Kids is an annual bowling event that raises money to support local, grass-roots charitable organizations that focus on underserved, underprivileged children in our region. 

    Our 5th annual fundraiser will be at Park 10 Lanes
    on Friday, March 29th from 2-4pm.

    BOWLING = Fun, fellowship and friendly competition
    FUNDRAISING = Making a difference for those less fortunate

  • This year, the beneficiary of our efforts will be Dream on 3, whose mission is “To make dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions by creating experiences of joy and
    magic through the world of sports.”

    Even though these children may be confined to a wheelchair, need constant supervision or medical attention, have trouble breathing, seeing, hearing, or communicating, they still have the same needs, desires and dreams that we have all shared. We intend to deliver a life-changing experience to a local child or children, that ask for very little, but dreams big. Help us make it possible to bring excitement, adrenaline and a genuine smile to children that face daily challenges that many of us cannot comprehend. To learn more about Dream on 3, visit the following website: Dream on 3




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