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  • Welcome to NARI Charlotte!

    Our Mission is to elevate the Remodeling Community of the Greater Charlotte Region through

    professional development, ethical business practices, and philanthropic events.

  • NARI Certifications


    What is NARI Certification?

    NARI Certifications recognize individual industry professionals who have demonstrated extensive remodeling experience and a dedication to professionalism, integrity, continued education, and client satisfaction.


    CR/CRS/CRA (Certified Remodeler, Certified Remodeler Specialist, Certified Remodeler Associate)

    MCR (Master Certified Remodeler)

    CKBR (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler)

    CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter)

    CRPM (Certified Remodeling Project Manager)

    UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional)


    Why pursue certification?

    NARI Certification is a powerful marketing tool, providing clients with assurance they are choosing an expert professional with years of experience, commitment to ethical conduct, and dedication to professional development.

    80% of consumers would chose a remodeling professional who is certified over one who is not.

    Consumers view certified individuals as:

    • More highly skilled
    • More professional
    • More reliable
    • More ethical

    Certification will help you:

    • Increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace
    • Validate your professionalism, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction 
    • Advance your business skill set for increased project profitability, timeliness, and streamline of project operations
    • Develop your professional skill set and set your career in remodeling up for success


    Certification Process

    NARI Certification is a robust and challenging process, reserved only for those remodeling professionals who demonstrate extensive expertise in their field and pass the rigorous screening and testing process.

    • Candidates must demonstrate technical skill, business and project management expertise, and tenure in the industry based on their selected certification’s specific and detailed requirements.
    • Candidates are required to prove participation in education courses, meeting the minimum Continual Education Units (CEU), as specified by each specific certification
    • All candidate applications are subjected to comprehensive review by the NARI Certification Board to assure all program pre-requisites are met and the candidate is eligible for certification.
    • Eligible candidates could chose to attend certification study groups hosted by their local chapter, attend the rigorous, multi-week preparatory courses provided by NARI, or self-study.
    • All eligible certification candidates must undergo and pass a rigorous examination, overseen by an examination proctor adhering to strict integrity criteria.


    NARI certified remodeling professionals must meet annual recertification requirements involving continuing education and participation in industry programs.


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